30 Days of Heathenry – Day 29 – “Misconceptions”

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Do you feel that others have misconceptions when it comes to your faith?



I could probably write a book about this, but here are some that always make me chuckle. In no particular order.

History Channel’s Vikings

I am not wearing this because I love a show from History Channel – I already touched on this one on a previous post, but its too good to ignore – One of my clerks (I’m a supervisor in my office) would ask me weird questions about various thigs pertaining to a shirt I was wearing, or some jewelry, etc without actually coming out and asking if I was Pagan which I know he was hinting at. This man was VERY Christian and obviously was trying not to offend me, but it was funny to see him root around the elephant in the room without addressing it. My job (prior to a big layoff) actually had a large number of Pagans working there, so it is a healthy place for me despite the occasional Christian zealot that I can easily stay clear of.

The best part of it was when he decided that I must be a HUGE fan of the TV show The Vikings on US TV via The History Channel. Truthfully, I have watched about three seasons of the show, but I watched it before I was a Pagan and it did not cause me to switch teams in any way. Most days would be like “Hey, have you seen season six of Vikings?” to which I’d be like “nah, I’m really behind on that show, I have to be in the mood to watch it.” This would shake him, “huh, I figured you were into that”.

Thulsa Doom

No, I don’t worship snakes – This actually comes from my days as a Gnostic, but it still stands. I sometimes wear an ouroboros pendant around my neck as a symbol of my never-ending quest for knowledge, this has become somewhat of a personal motif of mine throughout the years. Now that I am a Norse Pagan, it could symbolize Jörmungandr, but I have not come to terms with the implication of the symbol on my faith.

A LOOOONG time ago, somebody once asked me about the significance of my necklace, and I basically said “just like you wear a cross, I wear this ouroboros”, to which they replied “So, uh…..you worship snakes?”. Yes my Child, as a priest of temple of Set, me and Thulsa Doom from Conan go way back…..I didn’t say that because I am not a jerk, but I always imagine James Earl Jones when telling this story lol

Game, Rpg, Dungeon Keeper, Master Of The Game
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I am not LARPing – Here’s a fun one, just because I am Norse Pagan, that doesn’t mean that I think I’m a Viking, I am not LARPing my religion any more than a Christian would be, separated by even more time from their own religion. I have friends that are into medieval martial arts, they are not LARPing either – to insinuate it as such is honestly asinine.

I see this a lot of pseudo-intellectual Christian neckbeards a lot. They wade into a discussion on something they have no understanding on, to try to paint entire swaths of practicing Pagans as Avid Lord of the Rings fans or something. I’ve also seen this sentiment a lot from the more Racist heathens out there, they like to dismiss anyone not into Folkish ideas as being LARPers. Honestly people need to cut the crap – if your religion isn’t brand new or anything, of course people are emulating the past – that’s kind of how it works. I guess everyone’s a LARPer by that argument :/

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