30 Days of Heathenry – Day 12 “Communication”

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How do you communicate with your gods?


One of the hardest things for me when I followed the path of Gnosticism was the vague notion of how to achieve “Gnosis”, or what that even meant. Most people did this by taking drugs such as ayahuasca to see the Gods, or spirits of the other side. Not even knowing how to procure something like that in a safe manner this side of booking a vacation to South America seemed highly unlikely and who knows if that’s even what the ancient Gnostics were talking about. This confusion was aggravating and a bit disheartening, and seemed like a way for people to take the personal side of it away from the layman. This is one of the many reasons I left Gnosticism.

So what does speaking to the Pagan Gods entail? Is it just as vague and troublesome? A bit of “Yes”, but mostly “No” thankfully, as we know that there are many ways to communicate with the Gods, few of which are explicit as “you better see a God and talk to them!” To me, it seems like this can be achieved through many means including the aforementioned drug trips, trances, hypnosis, and small things like divination, offerings, even scrying through fire or a black mirror. Who knows what will work until you try it – and thats where I am – trying to find what works for me.

This has been somewhat covered in previous prompts, but the sort of it is that I pray, give offerings, and make promises to the Gods to hopefully raise my standing with them and show that I am serious in my devotion to them. My biggest issue right now is that I have yet to fully get in the groove of having a full-on daily practice that I adhere to. That is one of my ultimate goals, thus hopefully leading me to the sort of unverifiable personal gnosis (UPG) that most spiritual people crave.

I have had a few small showings in this regard, but I have yet to be able to have an elaborate dream or somesuch that seems to be the most clear connection to the Gods. I need to work on getting back into meditation or self-hypnosis for this to likely happen. I’d love to get some binaural drum beat recordings and attempt to put myself into a trance sometime next year, I have some friends that are more in-tune with this and I hope to experience it without having to take a mind-altering substance (boo! work dis-allows it).

I also need to attempt divination at some point, as you may have seen, I read books on runes and rune divination a lot, but have not had the time to set-aside to memorize the meanings of them in order to incorporate that into my daily practice – yet another goal for 2021 I presume.

If anyone reading this has any ideas, feel free to shoot them my way, I’d be willing to give it a shot. I’ve done things that are basically guided hypnosis meditation, and they really make you feel great sometimes, if you know of a good one, let me know.

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