Viking/Pagan Comics Kickstarter round-up July 2021

Kickstarter has quite a smattering of projects related to Norse Paganism and Vikings at the moment. I wanted to take a moment to showcase them, and inform my readers of these great projects. A few of these are continuations of projects I already follow, so I can vouch for the quality.

The Real Beowulf and Grendel : Bödvar Bjarki – uncensored

If you enjoyed my reviews of The Wife of Freyr Vol 1 and volume 2, This is the next work by German author/illustrator Volkmar Fleckenstein.

“My story is a historical fiction based on Old Norse Poem “Bjarkamál”, Icelandic rhyme “Bjarkarimur” and Hrólfr Kraki’s saga, not a fantasy story like the well-known Beowulf. This old sagas relate to the adventures of the great warrior Bödvar Bjarki and the clanwars between the Migration Period Danes, Swedes and the Geats.”

Unlike his previous work, The Real Beowulf and Grendel is full color this time and is the start of an ongoing series with at least 4 volumes. Please click HERE to see the campaign, warning NSFW content.

Sagas of the Shield Maiden Book Two

This one slipped by me the last time around, so I made sure to go for both volumes! As I’m not familiar with anything about this, you will have to “wait and see” along with me, but a “Viking Western” is an interesting concept.

“Sagas of the Shield Maiden is back! After an incredible campaign for Book One, with over 600 backers and hitting over 580% of our goal, the Viking Western comic has returned. With three new stories starring our wandering hero. […] Exploring the more mercenary and older side of the Shield Maiden as well as the romantic side of her younger self with an interstitial story pitting our titular hero as an almost Kaiju like figure as she slaughters bandits in a burning village.”

The campaign can be seen HERE, but be quick, this one has almost ended!

Valhalla Awaits complete edition and part 3

While I have yet to post my review of part two of this series, part 1 was pretty good, and I am excited to see the conclusion of this.

“VALHALLA AWAITS is a comic series and soon to be graphic novel about Hilder, a young viking maiden, with a hidden past and an even more mysterious future and Erik, a legendary and notorious viking warrior, in search of glory. Diving into Norse mythology, Hilder and Erik encounter ancient gods, monsters and terrifying beasts of myth and legend.”

In volume three we meet the trickster god Loki. “With his grand plan in action, a web of lies and deceit follow that leave Erik and Hilder with an unthinkable choice.” The campaign can be found HERE, get it while you can!

The Collected Jötunn War & Issue Four

I can’t help but go with a company publishing fairly near to where I live! The Vikingverse is an interesting set of books so far, I still need to get some reviews up for the actual fiction stuff, but I enjoyed the Old Norse for Modern Times book that they published and the audiobook they are working on.

“In the Vikingverse, the Norse rule the stars with restless fleets and an iron will. But when the thralls rebelled, turning to the artifice of Norns to help them escape their bondage, the Natural order was thrown into chaos. The Jötunn War was fought across the Nine Homeworlds to contain the threat. Even after their final defeat at Útgarð, the Devourers tread heavily in Norse nightmares. The Empire has tracked the leader of the rebellion to his bolthole on Álfheimr. Their own gene-spliced troops, the Úlfhéðnar, are sent to bring him back in chains. But among their ranks is a grizzled veteran with a score to settle and time on his side…”

The full campaign can be seen HERE as well as a listing of their other offerings, they do good stuff, I’d highly recommend them!


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