30 Days of Heathenry – Day 16 “Sacred”

Mystic background with ritual esoteric objects, occult, fortune telling and halloween concept


Five items you feel are sacred. Go! (These could be on your altar, items from your ancestors, texts by you or someone else, etc)             


Family pictures: I spoke in an earlier prompt on my loss and eventuall rediscovery of some of my precious family pictures – long story short, there was a flood that destroyed my Mom’s photo albums, but I found some film negatives in her belongings after her death – I was able to recover about 150 images from my past, in rural Kansas, including pictures of my Grandparents and me as a child. My plan eventually will be to have an ancestor place where I pray to some of these, but that have not gone much further than a simple idea.

My Grandfather’s Military briefcase: Somewhat like the above, I am in possession of my Grandfather’s military briefcase including his Army yearbook and some of his miscellaneous paperwork, as well as knives, watches and other knick-knacks. yeah, some of it is obviously junk that he threw into the trunk, and other pieces seem to be things my grandmother tossed in after his death (like old checkbooks) but even the smallest thing like a book of Korean words (He was a vet of the Korean War) is an awesome glimpse into the past.

My Music: I am an avid music fan, and a big part of what brought me into paganism, in the first place, is music. Some of my favorite memories from last year were the concerts I attended – those more than a lot, felt like “church” to me. Seeing Bands like Arkona and Metsatoll live were amazing experiences in 2019. I no longer buy a whole lot of physical media due to alack of space, but what I do have, tangible or ephemeral digital items, are sacred to me. I have music for any occasion, any emotion, and any problem I might be having.

My Books: As above, I have a book collection, some rare books, mostly not. As Odin strived to gain as much knowledge as he could, I try that myself to varying degrees of success. Yes, I sometimes buy more books than I’ll likely ever read, but it feels good to have a big healthy library to meet any occasion. Some of my faves are books from Anathema Publishing – rare limited edition occult books like The Hanged God, especially. another was a copy of a Grimm Brothers folklore set that has only been released once in English over 40 years ago and never since.

My altar goods: I don’t have much of this stuff yet, but what I do have is awesome. things like pieces of reindeer horn or runes, oils, and types of sage are always things I enjoy having. I have some statues, and other art pieces as well, all things that truly help me communicate with The Gods.

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