REVIEW: Bloody Hel (2021)

Arcadia Pod

A Comic by Clay McCormack, Russ Badgett

Sometimes I come across a perfect convergence of a multitude of topics I am into – with the subject of today’s review, Bloody Hel by Clay McCormack and Russ Badgett, being a solid combination of a World War I military comic and a story about Norse Mythology rolled into one. It may seem like a random combination, but for many in Europe during the supposed “War to end all Wars”, it may have seemed like Ragnarök itself was upon The Earth. While this is not necessarily a historically accurate depiction of any sort of Norse beliefs, nor does it really try to be, but it respects the old Gods quite a bit, and uses them in an interesting way here.

“Drafted into a war he has no desire to fight, infantryman Private Andersen’s only goal is to make it out of World…

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