30 Days of Heathenry – Day 22 – “Places”


Tell us about a place that holds special spiritual significance for you.


I don’t honestly have too many places that I see as spiritually sacred, however my trip to Europe in 2001 comes pretty close to mind, as I felt a HUGE spiritual significance there. More specifically, I feel that my days spent in the Austrian and Swiss Alps were amazing, no other place has led me to a feeling of sheer euphoria the entire time we were there. The beauty and majesty of climbing the trails onto a snowy path on a hot summer day was awesome, and some of the wildlife we saw such as goats and various birds was great for someone not used to seeing anything this side of squirrels and cows.

Perhaps, one day, I’ll get to go back, assuming we EVER get to travel again after Covid-19 has ripped that from our chests, and the cost isn’t too insane. Here are some pictures to show how awesome it was: