REVIEW: Thorgal – The Selkie (2021)

Arcadia Pod

A Graphic Novel by Yann and F. Vignaux

Running since 1980 in various forms, Thorgal is a long running Belgian comic that takes place sometime during the Viking Era and deals with fantastical elements such as ancient monsters and Mythology. Being heavily into all things Viking and migration period Norse, I was excited to read this to see if it was worth going back to previous volumes. The Selkie is technically the 38th installment in this series, but the 30th to see release in English so far. I believe the 29th volume is now up for pre-order and I plan to read that as well. For the most part, this comic plays out in a somewhat similar manner to most barbarian comics (Conan, Red Sonja etc.) with a distinct Norse flourish.

“Thorgal’s daughter Wolfcub wakes up inside a cage in a fisherman’s hut, after being abducted. She sees only a…

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