REVIEW: The Saga of Bodvar Bjarki – Vol 1 – The Real Beowulf and Grendel (2021)

Arcadia Pod

A Graphic Novel by Volkmar Fleckenstein

Beowulf is always one of those stories that most high-schoolers in The United States have to read, especially in elective literature classes. When I was in school, most people groaned and trudged through the story, but I absolutely loved it every time it was placed in front of me. Yeah, some of the poetic prose can be hard to decipher due to it’s age, but with a little work, it can be an amazing read. I loved the mystery of the whole thing – we know it’s MUCH older than the written-down version (since it was an oral folktale before), and we know that somebody added little flashes of Christianity here and there, but who knows what the original story was like?

Some scholars believe it may have originated in Scandinavia, which is what we are looking at today. The reason being? Almost every…

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