30 Days of Heathenry – Day 20 “Social Media”


Any thoughts on Tumblr in relation to your heathen path? Do you document your practice in other ways?


I am altering this a bit because otherwise it would be VERY short – I don’t really use Tumblr. I honestly find the community fairly toxic, or at least it was in the past. Most of the Pagan content I found appeared to directly stem from everyone being enamored with Tom Hiddleston from the Marvel Avengers movies, and thus creating like 1001 “I am the Godwife of Loki” pages, as well as weird devotionals that appear to be worshipping the fictional Marvel versions of the Aesir. It didn’t seem serious, and it wasn’t for me. Note: I’m not against those that take up the whole “God-wife” thing, I just felt that Tumblr presented a disingenuous version of it, much like their takes on intersectionalism and LGBT issues – immature folks not knowing what they are talking about muddying the waters. I technically have an account for this sites sister-blog that I started after I left blogging for a videogame website, but I honestly don’t update it. So, now the question is – what social media do I use for my Heathen path?

WordPress: WordPress is probably my primary Social media thing I used for my Pagan stuff, seeing that this very page is a WordPress publication. So far, the content is pretty good, and I rarely see too many overt hate sites or similar issues that I do on other sites such as Facebook. Perhaps the only issue I have is that you often get attacked or have tags hijacked by Christians and hardcore atheists alike, so that’s fun to deal with. although it seems to rarely happen as much as it used to. I only wish that commenting was a tad better on WordPress, as it seems like a number of creators don’t actually interact much with the rest of the community.

Facebook: Facebook has a more talkative community for sure, but that comes with a cost. If you have any sort of Norse Pagan or Heathen community on there, you better explicitly state your values on a gatekeeping page, otherwise it will soon be overrun by racists. I have watched a handful of pages get utterly destroyed by this, fault lying on both the general lack of moderation on a lot of these pages, or the utter impotence of Facebook’s reporting mechanisms. It seems that with any sort of Social Networking, racists aren’t content with just having their own place to sling bad ideas, they want to take over everyone else’s.

As you can see, my experience with these communities is fairly small at this point, but I may attempt to branch out at some point, perhaps the “conservative” exodus to Parler will help clean some of these pages up on Facebook, and I can enjoy it a bit more, or I can try to fins a dedicated Pagan community online. Either way, that might be a good topic for another day. If any of you have a better idea of a place I should seek out, let me know.

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