REVIEW: Althingi – The Crescent and the Northern Star (2022)

Arcadia Pod

by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad; Josh Gillingham

It seems to be somewhat forgotten in modern times, that The Islamic Caliphate and Viking traders were well known to each other, and largely had a good relationship. Perhaps the most well-known description of many lost Viking rituals and practices were the records of Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, who visited the land we now know as Russia and Ukraine to study the Volga Bulgars. His detailed account has to be read through skeptical lenses as he did not understand some of what he saw, but the records include many awesome things including an account of a ship burial (The film, The Thirteenth Warrior is very loosely based on this expedition).

Perhaps united by a distaste for Christians, or even simply opportunities for trades in luxury goods, the two groups were on fairly good terms aside from a few skirmishes and raids here or there. Outland Entertainment

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