30 Days of Heathenry – Day 10 “nature”

Forest Autumn Trees Foliage
Public Doman via publicdomainpictures.net


What importance does nature have in your practice? Do you honor the wights or spirits of the land around you?

Answer: Truthfully, not as much as it should. I do try to honor the wights when I can, I’ve given offerings of apples and other small things to the animals that I see in my neighborhood (groundhogs and rabbits), but honestly need to do more. Some of the festivals and blots I have done are in the woods, but I honestly need to get out there more and do more nature work – perhaps camp, or go on some hikes etc. I know I keep blaming Covid-19 as a stop-block to a lot of my spiritual activities, but planning more outdoorsy activities has been hard. Most campsites and parks have been absolutely overrun with people due to people being blocked from doing other “summer stuff” one normally does, such as the pool, or theme parks. I feel trying to commune with nature in the backdrop of hundreds of randos walking around is not possible.

Once my girlfriend’s son gets older, I’d love to do things like take him camping, but he’s honestly too young now. For right now I will try to revere nature as I can, and treat the spirits the best that one can for these trying times.

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