30 Days of Heathenry – Day 8 “Afterlife”

Jullie zetten mij tegenover de man die me wilde vermoorden' | RTL Nieuws


Do you envision an afterlife? Elaborate.


I would like to think that my spirit is destined for Helheim, or at least what I can gather from the scant sources about it. It is said that those that either die of sickness or old age go there, and that one gets in as long as they help the poor in some way. I try to do as much as I can, when I can and hopefully will do more in the future. I know Snorri painted Helheim as almost an analog to Christian Hell in some of his writings, but you can tell he had the agenda of Valhalla = heaven and Helheim = Hell. I think the main reason I would want to go there is that could spend time with my ancestors, assuming they are destined for there as well. who knows, perhaps there are shared afterlife’s religions if there is one at all.

Some might say Helheim is for “slackers”, but I don’t think Hel would be for “slackers” at all, but for for people who just want some peace and quiet after death. Some might get bored out of their minds, but others would probably welcome the calm, the ability to rest, and the occasional feast

I know its easy to fall into the pop culture obsession with going to Valhalla that many seem to have, especially considering most modern Heathens you run into are not well-versed into the fact that the Gods all had their own Halls, and some professions were described in the Sagas to go to certain places. I can usually tell when someone isn’t too keen on their lore when you see stuff like this out in the wild:

brosatru hashtag on Twitter
The Brosatru view

me, not being a warrior in any way, is not going to delude myself with aspirations to go to Valhalla, not would I actually want to – eternally feasting and fighting isn’t really my thing.

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REVIEW: Valhalla Awaits #1: A Journey Through the Viking Afterlife (2020)

A Comic by Phil Buckenham, Agnese Pozza, Justin Birch

The Cover, or at least one of them

Sometimes, when scrolling through Kickstarter, I go on little shopping sprees and snag a bunch of digital comics that people are trying to get off the ground. I’m a sucker for anything pro wrestling-related, as some of you may have gathered, and anything dealing with Viking history or Norse Paganism. The good news is that those topics are very hot with pop culture right now for whatever reason, making it much easier to find content! While I’ve had this comic for a little bit, I’ve only recently got this onto my kindle, I wanted to discuss one of these such comics –Valhalla Awaits #1: A Journey Through the Viking Afterlife

Valhalla Awaits is a comic series that draws heavily from the Poetic Edda and Viking and Norse mythological themes.

The story follows characters Hildr and Erik and their journey through the Viking afterlife, where they encounter Norse gods, and legendary creatures.

From the Kickstarter Page

This is a relatively short comic that serves a solid introduction to the story, this is fine because issue two isn’t too far on the horizon. The story follows a slavegirl named Hildr who is imbued with the power of Odin in a ritual to save her village from a sacking by Erik Bloodaxe. The raiders get to the house before the ritual is completed, so she is unable to fully gain these abilities. Erik, who we find out was there to find a Valkyrie to to prophecy, takes Hildr under his wing and teaches her the ways of a warrior. She grows very strong and begins to challenge his leadership – thus resulting in both taking an early trip to the afterlife.

Interior art sans any of the dialogue, from the Kickstarter page

The art inside this book is fantastic, lines are clean and expressive and the colors are top notch. some of the art is a bit anachronistic, if you are a stickler for authenticity, taking cues from the modern “pop-culture viking” aesthetic of brown leather, furs, and tribal eye make-up. You also see things with huge “Valknut” logos and other ahistorical additions. Many arguments can be made onto whether that’s akin to Wagnerian horned helmets, but I’ll leave that up to everyone else to bicker about. I’ve had my share of hundreds of posts of people mad at Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s art style this week to last me quite a bit. To me its fine, and it doesn’t detract from the story or art.

After the initial 32 page run there were some previews for a few other books from the same publisher. I bought this comic digitally, so I’m speaking specifically on that edition, so I’m not sure if this was in the print version. All-in-all I was very happy with my purchase, and I will definitely follow this project. Here’s hoping volume two delivers on more great action and we get to see some of the Gods show up.

Here’s additional information on Volume 2, which is supposed to ship very soon. If you know of any other great pagan comics that I should read, drop me a line! I’d love to see them.