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  • REVIEW: The Saga of Bödvar Bjarki Vol. 2 – The Real Beowulf and Grendel´s Mother (2022)

    January 8, 2023 by

    Originally posted on Arcadia Pod:
    A Graphic Novel by Volkmar Fleckenstein In volume one of Volkmar Fleckenstein‘s gorgeous graphic Nordic Saga The Saga of Bödvar Bjarki Vol. 1 – The Real Beowulf and Grendel, we bore witness to the legendary battle between Bödvar Bjarki and the tyrannical Agnar Ingjaldson (Grendel), characters that bear more than…

  • REVIEW: Midsommar Sól (2022)

    June 5, 2022 by

    A Children’s Book by Jennifer Hartman and Mousam Banerjee I don’t normally just randomly purchase children’s books too often. Yes, I have a six year old, but he has his own tastes that I can’t always predict, and I’m better suited taking him to a library to find his own stuff. That said, this review… Read more

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