30 Days of Heathenry – Day 7 “Ancestors”


Do you do ancestor research/work? What have you learned lately?


Unfortunately, with my Mother’s death, I lost a wealth of knowledge on my family past. Before she died, we even lost our big family photo albums in a flood – thus making it hard to find pictures of a lot of the members of my family. Luckily, mere moths ago, I was able to find *some* photographs in my garage when I was going through some of her things – I managed to use a negative scanner to run some negatives that I found in an crumpled envelope. I got a handful of old images, upwards of a few hundred to be precise. This made me insanely happy to have this part of my life re-opened – I had thought I lost every image of my grandfather, but I now have gems like this:

My Grandfather

Right now, its not really on the cards, but I may sign up to Ancestry.com at some point, and try to find more. I know I have relatives on there that have constructed elaborate family trees for that side of the family, and collecting some of that would be awesome.

How this relates to my religion is that I eventually want to make part of my altar n ancestors shrine of sorts. I want to get some photos and put them on a bookshelf next to my altar. This way I can give offerings to the deceased and honor their memories.

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