30 Days of Heathenry – Day 4 “Altars”


Do you tend any altars?


I do have an altar of sorts, but I have not really added much to it as of yet, I consider it in its infancy and really wanted to get some more things for it at the 2020 Pagan Pride Day, but Covid-19 sort of put the ol’ kibosh on that. Currently I have some stuff on a bookcase next to my bed, but I want to have a more dedicated Stalli somewhere else in my house at some point. I have some random odds and ends strewn about my house as well as some of those tacky bronze-coated statues from Wish.com that depict the Wagnerian imagining of some of the Pagan gods. I somehow ended up with $200.00 in Wish cash that I can only assume was a huge mistake, so I ran with it. Hopefully I can get this new altar set up and update this blog about it.

To be honest, I do my best spiritual things outside, and I have a place under my deck, on my back patio where I have placed lanterns that flicker as if filled with actual fire. It’s very calming and helps me focus quite a bit. I have also done small rituals in the space such as one for the previous kindred I was in. Perhaps at some point I will try to make an outdoor Vé.

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